Knicks Full-Implosion is Under Way by Ryan Crofts

The New York Knicks have fallen to 17-21 amidst distractions and clashing of personalities, so welcome to January, when the Knicks annually implode and spontaneously combust all in the same day.

It seems to me that every January the team implodes….and then explodes, neither of which I mean as a positive.

I’ll get to the record and the play soon, but atop the list is the fact that PG Derrick Rose has gone AWOL without communicating any sort of plan to do so.

The Knicks have also said they were not able to reach Rose over the weekend and that he has not spoken with any MSG or Knicks’ personnel.

The story really began a week or two ago when fellow G Brandon Jennings questioned why certain players revert to Iso-ball when the team thrives off ball movement.

To be clear, he is looking directly at F Carmelo Anthony and Rose; neither of whom took the comments very well, with Melo saying, “I think if it’s working we should keep playing (iso-ball).”

Rose has been criticized ass of late for lack of distributing and for looking like a turnstile on defense.

On Friday vs Milwaukee, Rose was benched for all 12-minutes of the fourth quarter and subsequently relinquished his minutes to fan-favorite G Ron Baker.

Supposedly following the game there was a massive blowout between Rose and Coach Jeff Hornacek, who recently said that despite the players claiming they can play defense, “maybe this team really just can’t do it (play defense.”

This has not been confirmed.

New York Brass has been mum on the subject, respecting whatever Rose may be going through, and former-Bulls-turned-current-Knicks teammates C Joakim Noah said he spoke with Rose and has told the Press that Rose “is OK” but would not elaborate any further.

What a few weeks, Melo has been ejected twice, Rose has gone AWOL, and F/C Kristaps Porzingis has a lower-leg issue that is worth monitoring.

Yup, it’s definitely January in Madison Square Garden once again, because this basically zaps all possible trade-value for Derrick Rose as the Knicks free-fall out of contention having lost their last eight of nine.

Even ex-teammates have come out and said they are “not shocked” that Rose has not checked in, citing “he beats to his own drum.”

Yeah that is great when you are a teenager with a misplaced heart looking to find your own way—Derrick Rose is an NBA Point Guard and former-MVP who just walked out on his team, who by the way got blown out by the New Orleans Pelicans on their home court after Rose did his no-show.

Whatever this guy’s problem is, I hope he works through it is and OK, but don’t come back because you are no longer welcome after you quit on your team, especially considering he had the gaul to pout about being benched in a WIN! How selfish can you be!

No thanks, D. Rose, feel free to keep staying away, as long as you’re OK.

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