Knicks Win in Rose’s Return, Rose on Defense by Ryan Crofts

Following the absence of New York Knicks PG Derrick Rose, the team came out and played well in a victory in his first game back.

The Knicks won 104-89 at home over the Chicago Bulls, who are dealing with their own PG issues (see: G Rajon Rondo has been benched and may request a trade).

The dust from the aftermath of “Rose-Gate” has apparently dissipated, as Rose is said to have been tending to a family-emergency pertaining to his Mother, for which his attendance was needed.

Totally understandable, as family comes before every other thing on this planet.

However, when you have a job to do, are paid fairly well to do that job, and are an important part of the organization you play and ultimately work for, you have to communicate what is going on.

Let me be clear: I have absolutely no problem whatsoever with Rose missing a game, two games, three games, however many he needs go be with his family is 100% fine with me (this team is going nowhere so contention is a non-issue).

The issue was the communication, and following reports of a feud between he and Coach Jeff Horancek, it just all looked bad it looked….just so, so Knicks.

So, Rose returns, the Knicks win, and in one of the odder media statements in recent memory, the recently-AWOL Point Guard publicly requested for his Head Coach to, “get on us about (defense) until we are sick of hearing it.”

Excuse me? You are saying that last week, when he said “I don’t know if we are capable of playing defense,” was not enough?

The starting PG/Turnstile on defense, who just recently went AWOL, asked for the Head Coach to preach more about playing defense?

How about as the starting Point Guard of an NBA team, how about you take responsibility and act like a man, considering you just admitted publicly that you know Coach expects more.

I will honestly admit I felt bad opining for his departure from NY once hearing he was tending to his Mother, but now I feel the same way I did: move this guy before he kills whatever remaining value he may have!

Would anyone else have the gaul to ghost their team for a game, say nothing, and show up days later, acting like nothing happened, asking the Coach to get more from the team on defense and effort…quite comical if you ask me.

Rose was obviously never taught the saying ‘better to be seen than heard’ because the former-MVP disappeared without making a sound (not seen, not heard), and showed back up with a lot to say (heard, and unfortunately also seen)….yup, I will take a number and get in line for a new Point Guard come June.

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