The Super Bowl: One for the Ages or the Aged?


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Well the teams are set for Super Bowl 50.  The Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos will face off for the Lombardi Trophy featuring two great quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Cam Newton.  Will it be age before beauty?  Let’s talk about it.

Peyton Manning is going for his second Super Bowl title but he’s in not in his best physical condition.  He’s old (that’s putting it mildly but direct).  His arm strength isn’t what it was and mobility was never one of his strong points.  However take heart Denver fans, Peyton has played back to back turnover free games.  That for a large part kept Pittsburgh and New England in poor field position.  Carolina thrives on turnovers, so has to keep mistakes to a minimum.

Cam Newton has shown he has the ability to impact a game in various ways.  Passing, running, posing; he can do it all.  However, this isn’t your normal Sunday afternoon.  This is THE GAME. One advantage Cam has is that Carolina has been in the lead for most of their games.  What happens if the games are close?  Will he be prone to the BIG MISTAKE?  He’s shown the ability to lead his team back before (Seattle game, week 7).  Doing it again will further solidify his legend as he will have both college and professional championships.  Not many others have claim to fame.

Peyton vs. Cam. Cam vs. Peyton.  Who will win?  I can’t call it.  The Panthers are favored, and at 17-1 should be.   The Broncos are back in the Super Bowl for the second time in three years.  Will Peyton ride off into the sunset victorious or will Cam get another photo op?  The early part of the game should tell the tale.  Or maybe the end will.

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