With Six You Get Beaten

The Jets season has very interesting up to this point.  A close home loss to Cincinnati, a revenge-oriented victory over Buffalo and a humiliating (for Ryan Fitzpatrick and his SIX interceptions) defeat to Kansas City.  While the schedule hasn’t been easy change needs to come quickly or it can get late early.

The Jet offense presently 10th in yards gained but is 23rd in scoring points. Fitzpatrick’s completion percentage is decent (better if you count the completions to the Chiefs), but he hasn’t showed any consistency. Three games is a small sample but they are not producing touchdowns.  Matt Forte is having a good year averaging almost 90 per game.  However not being the bruising threat Chris Ivory used to be, the defense doesn’t have to keep as many people close to the line.  More people dropping into coverage take away the short passes that were there last year for Fitzpatrick.  His deep ball has never been confused with Bert Jones (look him up, he was good).

The defense played better than the first two weeks.  While they are in the middle of the pack defensively among teams, mostly due to long plays against the secondary.  Their backs were against the wall due to the turnovers.  The D-Line, linebackers and the secondary have to show more cohesion.  With nine sacks in three games there should be more than two interceptions.  Darron Lee and Jordan Jenkins played well and provided speed which should help in this area.  Youth should be served.

Seattle is the next monster on a very tough schedule.  Coach Bowles has to hope that Fitzpatrick had a bad game and has not entered into a downward spiral.  It wouldn’t have been a bad idea to throw Geno Smith in at some point; it wasn’t Ryan’s day.  Bowles team has rarely shown the ability to take down the league’s stronger teams.  Cutting down the turnovers and forcing more would bode well in that regard.  Hopefully they straighten it out or it could be (please no!!!!)  Same ol’ Jets.

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