New York Jets Hire Adam Case as HC by Ryan Crofts


The New York Jets have announced an end to their search for a Head Coach, and have hired former-Miami Dolphins Head Coach Adam Gase to serve in the same position.

Gase went 23-25 over three years in Miami and comes to New York from an AFC East rival, meaning he is no stranger to the personnel on the Jets roster or around the rest of the division.

Gase went 10-6 in his first year in Miami and secured a wildcard berth, but followed with a 6-10 season in 2017 and a 7-9 season this year before his ouster occurred after week 17.

Certain reports indicated he was fired, while others claimed he forced his way out; one way or another something was afoot in Miami and it seemed like a good time for him to get out.

Some in the locker room have supported Gase, while contradictory reports suggest much of the locker room demanded he be fired.

A lot of what is said post-firings is hyperbole, but since the initial negative reports there have a few players, including Philadelphia Eagles WR Alshon Jeffry, that voiced their support of Gase.

Prior to taking his first Head Coaching job with Miami, he served as Offensive Coordinator for the Chicago Bears in 2015, and held the same position with the Broncos from 2013-2014.

Gase is regarded highly in terms of Quarterback development, which is priority number one with QB Sam Darnold entering his second season.

It is worth noting, though not surprising, that Darnold was very outwardly supportive of the hire and voiced his excitement via social media.

Gase’s teams dealt with injuries over the past few years and many speculate he got dealt a poor hand having Ryan Tannehill, Matt Moore, and previously retired Jay Cutler as his top QB options.

The hope is that Sam Darnold will continue to grow under Gase’s teachings and form a stable system for the next decade.

In reality, that’s always the plan, so let’s hope this is the time the plan works.

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