Even the Knicks are Better

Even the Knicks are better

Living in a world of Trumponomics, we see many changes. Taxes and diplomacy will change. And the Knicks have changed. They seem to be developing (shall we say it together) A TEAM. Superstars are great, but team play will always win out.

Last year was a disaster in many ways. Phil Jackson (yes I mentioned his name) evolved into a guy whose vision was blindsided by his distaste for Carmelo Anthony. Phil wanted a system, The Triangle, to be used primarily by the team. However, he didn’t have the players to use it. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are better than Melo. Not only physically but mentally also. You can run an offense through them. They’re both better penetrators and threats to pass than Anthony. Phil knew this. With that thought, he should have known to implement this system when he got people to play it. Jimmy Butler, Russell Westbrook and James Harden are perfect fits for the system. Melo shoots way too many long jump shots at this stage of his career. Penetrating and dishing are taboo for him.

Exit Phil and Melo. Enter the Era of the Unicorn. Kristaps Porzingis is now THE MAN. However other pieces must be integrated for him to flourish. You need to have a certain mindset to take 25 shots per night. Tim Hardaway has it, Porzingis doesn’t. This team though has other options. They have an inside presence with Enes Kanter and Kyle O’Quinn. Legitimate point guards in Jarrett Jack and a developing Frank Ntilikina. Solid bench players like Michael Beasley (put his name with the 25 shot per game mentality), Doug McDermott and Lance Thomas can help provide a boost. Courtney has had a solid season. What you have is the development of a team. The guys get along with each other. You need that. They’re not playing golf or tennis.

The Knicks are better. No one can deny that, below.500 record notwithstanding. Close losses, bad losses and tough wins are part of the journey. The draft will bring another good player. Free agency options look much better without Phil (who would have thought that). So smile Knick fans and remember the words of Joel Embiid- Trust the Process!

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