Playoff Baseball: How Sweet It Is! by Ryan Crofts

There really is nothing quite like October Baseball. The reward you get after a 162-game season if your team is in the ‘Big Dance’ is truly unexplainable.

Anything can happen! Mike Francesa of WFAN says it best: September is September, once you get to the dance in October, September does not matter, because October is October.

What he means is that this is where the Men of Winter come out to play and the Boys of Summer go home. Each year there is a new goat, a new hero, a new success story, and a new story of defeat.

How you play in September seems like it matters, but if you get in to the playoffs, THAT is what matters. There are countless teams that have been hot in September and get swept in the Division Series, and vice versa.

It’s about getting there, and putting it together from that point forward.

True Story: 1986, Bill Buckner gives an interview before the playoffs start, and says this exact sentence: “The dreams are that you’re gonna have a great series, and win…and the nightmares are that you’ll…let the winning run score…on a ground ball through your legs, so” and he chuckled.

Don't believe me? Watch this link

That actually happened. That’s why I believe in magic, I believe in miracles, I believe in the unfathomable and the inexplainable. I BELIEVE IN PLAYOFF BASEBALL!

For me, this is the first time the Mets have made the playoffs in nine years. That’s a lot of losing in between, and my family is prepared to enjoy every single second of this postseason because you never know what happens next.

Think back to all of the epic moments: the Buckner Ball, the 2000 Subway Series!

Kirk Gibson in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series, on literally one leg, off Eckersley! “I DON’T BELIEVE WHAT I JUST SAW!”

Kirby Puckett in game 6 of the 1991 World Series: “We will see you TOMORROW NIGHT!”

What about Joe Carter in Toronto, the last time the Blue Jays were in the playoffs? We all know how that one ended…“Touch ‘em all Joe! You’ll Never hit a bigger home run!”

The best parts of the moments we remember, are sometimes the calls that immortalizes them.

So raise a glass, high five, and cheers to yet another great year of Playoff Baseball!

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