Porzingis Suffers Torn ACL, Done for Season by Ryan Crofts

Last night the New York Knicks saw the worst possible scenario come to life before their eyes: they witnessed the face of the franchise, 7’3 Latvian Unicorn Kristaps Porzingis, laying face-up on the court writhing in pain, holding his left knee.
It was later discovered that KP suffered a torn ACL and would be lost for the season.
This...hurts. As someone who has been beaten down by Knicks basketball for over a decade, this is arguably the toughest blow dealt to a fan base that would do unspeakable things for a respectable contender.
Respectability is first and foremost on any fan’s wishlist, and in the wake of the Phil Jackson debacle, Porzingis was tasked with restoring that level of respectability which Knicks fans covet so much.
KP started off this season completing remarkable feats on the court, showing his inside-outside versatility while becoming a rim-protecting force seemingly overnight.
Now the question is: what do we do?
Seriously, what do we do. The team signed Tim Hardaway Jr. to a big-money contract this offseason (four years, upwards of $72million) which was concerning before he was their main offensive option; now the team is left with a completely barren cupboard.
I have been on record all year saying that sans-Porzingis, this roster is bad enough to be a lottery pick.
You will all now see why.
No Porzingis means no rim-protection, which means no defense at all, as I have yet to see another Knick record a blocked shot; or try to stay in front of the man they’re guarding, for that matter.
This team just went from “on the cusp of being a few pieces away” to being an afterthought (again) for the three to four years (AGAIN).
Ah, it’s good to be back with a familiar forecast under James Dolan.
Cloudy, with a chance of hopelessness.

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