State of the Jets: Part 1 – Ryan Crofts

I will go on record saying I am the biggest supporter that Rex Ryan has. I have plans in place to name my son Rex Ryan Crofts in honor of the two greatest football minds I have ever known (Rex and of course, myself).

Rex came in and shook things up, brought his own swagger and bravado to a Jets team that was in desperate need of a face-lift, and we know the story of the two AFC Championship losses.

Fast forward to current day and Rex is now on what appears to be his last legs as coach of the New York Jets, and even he knows it. Classic Rex, always the good soldier, has had nothing but positives to speak on about his colleagues and management, but even it seems he knows the writing is on the wall.

Not often can a coach miss the playoffs four straight years and survive the last one being a potential 3-13 season...Yet maybe this is one of the times a coach should survive that.

Let's address this season shall we? Jets GM John Idzik, knowing that a Rex Ryan Attacking 3-4 needs at leastsomewhat functional corner backs to be successful. So what he did was provide so little depth that the Jets started a safety at CB week one, and have had weekly tryouts to see who starts at CB every week.

Not once has first-round draft pick CB Kyle Wilson picked to start on the outside.

Not once.

So, that's what you need to know about the roster preparation by the GM---call it a general "lack there of".

He signed Michael Vick to be a lap dog for Geno Smith, who basically has played better as of late but can do nothing to impress after going 1-7 as the starter out of camp. So you had one aging QB no longer motivated to do anything but guarantee his money by staying healthy and avoiding hits at all costs, and a rookie who turned into a whiny little baby the day he signed with Roc Nation Sports.

Chris Johnson has been serviceable at best but in an offense where the Offensive Coordinator unthinkably has the desire to pass 2/3 of the time with a QB that can't throw, he hasn't had much of an impact.

All with that, the Jets currently have the 7th ranked total defense and 2nd ranked total rushing offense; and that team stands at 3-11.

That is a statistical anomaly, until you realize they're last in pass yards, and virtually every other offensive category.

I love Rex but the bottom line is that when a team is downright awful, and oh my are they awful, the head coach will shoulder the blame for his soldiers.

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