The Fish That Couldn’t Save New York


Derek Fisher has been fired as head coach of the New York Knicks.  Many critics of Fisher’s coaching style (or lack thereof) wanted a change.  Was he in over his head?  Was he a fish out of water?

Fisher took the job at the request of team president Phil Jackson.  He wasn’t Jackson’s first choice as Steve Kerr (the smartest man in America) turned down the offer.  Fisher was offered the job by Jackson and he accepted.  However, he took the job knowing he had no prior coaching experience and would have a lot of philosophy shaped for him.  Having Jim Cleamons and Kurt Rambis there in a way forced his hand to stay with the triangle system.  Maybe he had other ideas.

Fisher’s inexperience showed in more than a few ways.  Not settling on a rotatation initially hurt the team.  Missing Carmelo Anthony for seven games (0-7 record) didn’t help.  There were a couple of game-ending shots didn’t go down.  However there were things happening in games he needed to address.   Slow starts were the norm for the team.  Jose Calderon’s running of the club starts the game where off jump shots become prevalent because of his inability to penetrate.  He also gets hurt by penetration from the other team’s point guard.  Start Jerian Grant. Help the defense initially.  He doesn’t have to play more than five minutes, but maybe that could prevent the team from falling behind early.  It might also help keep Porzingis and Lopez out of early foul trouble (This one’s for free Coach Rambis, the rates are going to go up).

Now that Fisher’s gone and Rambis has taken over, what should Knick fans think?  Who should be the next head coach?  Who will be the next head coach?  Will Derek and Gloria make it to the altar (the last question is personal)?  Phil will have to find the right answers.  There is improvement over last season and the drafting of Porzingis gives hope for the future.  Unfortunately New York Fans want their future last week.


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