The Nets: Brooklyn’s Finest


New York has five boroughs.  Brooklyn being one of them has its’ own basketball team, the Nets.  At one time hope sprung eternal:  the grass was green and the flowers bloomed.  Well the bloom is off the rose and what’s left isn’t pretty.  The Nets with a 9-22 record aren’t a playoff team anymore.

The Nets tried but couldn’t get over the hump in their first few years in Brooklyn.  They brought in superstars (Deron Williams), former champions (Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce), and counted on their own players (Brook Lopez) to bring them to the championship level.  Banking on star quality to make a big splash, ownership went all in.  Unfortunately age and injury reared their ugly heads and their efforts for the most part were fruitless.  Championship dreams were never realized as first-round playoff exits became the rule and not the exception.

Now the team that once was there is gone.  Draft picks that are needed to rebuild he team belong to Boston.  Deron Williams is gone (some say for the better).  Thaddeus Young and Jarrett Jack are good players, but neither is good enough to turn a bad team into a good one.  Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson while being paid as top-tier players don’t play like ones on a consistent basis.  For the money they are getting the team needs more from them.  Andrea Bargnani?  Let’s move on.

General Manager Billy King has his work cut out for him. Finding talented players is going to be his top priority.  Lionel Hollins can only coach what he’s been given.  It’s not much.  You can only go so far with Shane Larkins and Wayne Ellington.  Young and good are two different words.  Maybe jettisoning some of the veterans and starting over might not be a bad idea.  Did someone say rebuilding?



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