It’s Super Bowl time and you know what that means (Yes the Jets are at home).  That’s right, the Patriots are playing.  The three B’s Belichik, Brady and Bundchen are back.  They’re facing the Philadelphia Eagles, a rematch of Super Bowl XLII.  The question; is Tom better now than he was 10 years ago?  Let’s explore.

In my opinion, the Eagles have been the best team in the league this year.  Since week one, they have shown the consistency of a champion.  Except for a loss in Seattle, they were competitive in every game winning most.  They won major contests against the Rams and Cowboys in the regular season and beating Atlanta and Minnesota in the real season.  They withstood key injuries to Carson Wentz, Darren Sproles and Jason Peters.  They have that championship look.  And yet …..

The Patriots are their opponent.  Their victory last year over the Falcons was legendary.  Tom and Bill could have left then but they came back for more.  A slow start particularly by the defense created some concern, but they righted the ship and made it to the big game.  All the experience, the great quarterback, no scandals; everything is going their way. And yet…..

I’m picking the Eagles (as big of a Brady fan as I am).  The Eagles have been solid all the way.  Although Belichik has had time to prepare, Brady is rested and Gronk will be back, I got that.  However, if there is a time for the Patriots to slip it’s against a team that has shown no signs of it at all.  The Eagles have given up 17 points in the playoffs and have hung together through adversity.  They will be tested.  They should succeed.  And yet….


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