Todd Bowles – So Sad the Song

As we close the door on another non-playoff season (7 and counting), let’s talk about our beloved Jets. While they have exceeded expectations (which were low to start with), much improvement is still needed. Quarterback, linebacker and possibly defensive line are all areas that need to get better. Should coaching be added to that list also?

Todd Bowles just finished another season with a 5-11 record, same as last year. In a Steinbrenner world he would be gone. He’s had some tough breaks during his tenure. Geno Smith getting injured in a fight caused him to use Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitzwilly had a good first season, but his second one was very forgettable. When forced to the bench, he wasn’t the epitome of a team player. He also had the backing of Brandon Marshall which didn’t make things easy for Bowles. Throw in Sheldon Richardson and Marshall feuding, sprinkle in some Darelle Revis decline and you had a recipe for chaos. That’s why all those players who exhibited selfish attitudes are gone. Bowles doesn’t appear to be a guy who likes to be questioned or confrontational (Billy Martin he is not). However, having a laid back appearance doesn’t guarantee winning.

Coach Bowles decision making at times leaves a lot to be desired. Poor clock management at the end of games has become his staple. Not going aggressively for scores even at the end of the half has left people baffled. Not using his timeouts properly to extend the game, punting the ball down multiple scores in the 4th quarter; these are commonplace with the Jets. While there have been games where they played well against better teams (Patriots, Falcons), effort has been questioned in games they appeared to have an advantage (Tampa Bay). Same Old Jets? Maybe, maybe not. But if it is, when will it change?

Coach Bowles has received a job extension till 2020. However as we all know nothing is guaranteed. With GM Mike Macagnan also being extended they have some time to work their magic. However on his behalf Christian Hackenberg and Darron Lee have to show more on the field (Hackenberg will need his seat belts removed). Bowles has the team moving in the right direction. It remains to be seen if he’ll reach the destination.

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